Loving and living with ones uniqueness in an imperfect world

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Mariama Rebecca in white primark top
Loving and living with yourself picture of Mariama Rebecca in white Primark top and blue hair

In a world inordinate with the idea of that (bullshit lie of) perfection, how can one live in a world like that without being drawn into it by adapting yourself to live in that world. I don’t want to see people struggling to fit in when they can always just learn to love themselves for who they are by braking the mold and realizing that they are beautiful just the way they are and very unique. People changing the way they are to live a lie that’s not life.

If someone is stopping you from being yourself or if they’re filling your head with negative thoughts. Stay away from those negative people and negative thoughts. Find friends who love you for being you or find ways of filling your head with positive thoughts. Don’t ever let people think they can talk down to you.

Being normal is boring – my friends embrace your weirdness!! What’s normal anyway. I personally hate seeing people suffering to be themselves. Love yourself and wear yourself proud and no one in their right mind will ever stand in your way. Take a leaf out of LGBTQ people’s book – I love those people you know. They’re so confident and proud to be themselves and they don’t give a flying f***k about what people think of them. If there’s one thing you take from this post today is to learn to love yourself. That’s all folks!! ūüôā

Mariama Rebecca blue hair

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What are some of the other things you’d like to tell your younger self??

Summer Is Here and So Is Love Island

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h&m red polka dot dress

Mariama Rebecca

Mariama Rebecca in h&m dress

Summer is officially here and so is Love Island. If you don’t know what Love Island is? It is a TV show with a cast of hot young singles looking for love either for the summer or for life; the winning couple will leave the island with ¬£50,000. Remember Olivia Buckland she was in Love Island, where she met and fell in love with her now fiance (Alex Bowen) in this show. Currently Love Island has been so popular with everyone especially millennial’s that they have just launched Australia Love Island.

And it is back again for another year and I am eagerly watching every single night. I just can’t get enough and at the moment the contestants have just entered the house. So everyone is friendly with each other. I am not sure why the nation is so hooked on it with everyone talking about it. People have been saying that this show is how dating is today with the use of apps like Tinder, Bumble,¬† Badoo,¬†Jack’d, Grindr and the rest. Some people have even said that the show is degrading to women. I watch it and laugh at the drama sometimes. I am all above women power but if someone is brave enough to go on national TV to either have sex on live TV or argue like pack animals. Who am I to judge and tell that person how or what I feel is the right way to behave. In today’s world, people put everything online because that’s the norm. I find the show entertaining and don’t over-dissect things I have seen or see on there.

I myself I am not sure why I like this show so much, I guess maybe it’s because of the drama between the friends fighting over a guy or the argument between boyfriend and girlfriend. Normal everyday scenarios but heightened because these people are stuck in a house for eight weeks. I love how over the weeks people actual grow to tolerate each other and maybe find love at the end of all that drama. Because deep down even though i hate to admit it I am a Disney kid who believes in happy endings. This show kind of reminds me of the days when Big Brother was all people talked about (when it was good) and then came I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! and¬†now there is Love Island. I am sure in sometime we will some other show which will be the one everyone will be talking about and we won’t even remember what Love Island existed.

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Have you watched Love Island? Which two people do you think will make a great couple? Who do you find fake in the house?

Let’s Talk About Black Panther The Movie

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We recently got the chance to see the widely popular Marvel Studios Black Panther movie. I was so excited to see this. And I have been waiting for ages to see because from watching the movie trailer I got really excited for its release. There have been many many reviews of this movie online. I am not a movie expert nor am a YouTuber Movie review but I wanted to share my thoughts on the film because I just thought I needed to say something about it because people are so excited about it. Check out the full review below or head over to my YouTube channel to see it.


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Stylist Live 2017

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mariama rebecca attending stylist live

Last Weekend, I was lucky enough to bag myself a ticket to the 2017 Stylist Live A Festival of Inspiration in London. And what an experience that was. I went with my two lovely ladies, Jennifer Amani and Priscilla Okpan¬†from Kim Dave Designs.The expo was held at Olympia London, which is massive. There were a variety of talks for everyone but sadly I didn’t get to see any other then including the one from Freddie Harrel¬†from SHE Unleashed¬†and Big Hair No Care. I actually went very late and I stood in the queue for the cloak room for over 45 minutes which meant that I missed most of the talks that bronze tickets holders could see.

And although I missed the morning sessions, I got to try out the BaByliss Smooth & Wave Secret. I tried Gordon’s Gin for the first time which wasn’t as dry as I thought it’d would be. There was food, there was clothes, jewelry(Discovered a brand called Emily Mortimer Jewellery) and there was even a catwalk show of the hottest 2017 Autumn Winter trends. Plus there was live music. I am sure I didn’t get to see everything because by 2 pm that Saturday Olympia was packed full of people and it was hard to move so we left to get away from the crowd.

Overall, it was a great experience. I had a fun day out with friends and with the bf who was there taking pictures. If i was to go there again, I will make sure I get there when the doors open. I also tried to vlog on the day and it will be on my channel. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out my latest YouTube video here and subscribe to my channel to stay up to date with new uploads.


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Too Much of a Good Thing

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Someone recently said to that too much of a good thing can be bad for you. Being in a relationship bubble is more than a distant memory. I have had relationships in the past that has started off really well and has ended pretty terribly. Growing up and watching all these happily ever after disney films have filled my head with the dream of meeting prince charming and then riding off into the sunset. I have recently started seeing someone who is so amazing. He makes me laugh out low until i cry sometimes. I keep pinching myself every time to make sure i’m awake. Having had very bad end to relationships, i have actually started thinking it’s not going to last. And it’s going to end with me heart broken. I know its bad to think that way but I just can’t help myself. Its soo sad when I think about. On the positive though, I do believe that this guy might end up being the only ex I can actually still be friends with even if the relationship ends. I feel like because we are friends and in a relationship it will work this time round because we are both very similar. Plus we talk about everything even the awkward stuff which is just very refreshing.

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Stronger Than Yesterday

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H&M Flounced wrap dress H&M Flounced wrap dress H&M Flounced wrap dress H&M Flounced wrap dress H&M Flounced wrap dressH&M Flounced wrap dress H&M Flounced wrap dress

It is true that sometimes in life you’re put in situations where you may feel like you’re never going to make it out alive but then you make it and you wonder why you were stressing your pretty little head about it. Two years ago I lost my father and I have never ever been the same again. Because he died back home in Sierra Leone, I am still not convinced he’s dead, I still think he’s alive and people are mistaken. Since the news of his death, I have been plagued with thoughts of making sure I live my life full of fun, laughter and many many memories and how much I must always make sure I live life to its fullest. Last week I was hit with one of the shocker of this year so far, I must admit, I am still in shock, although I am happy about the current outcome because I didn’t like being in the situation in the first place yet still in shock. I have thought how much I spent working my ass off to please people yet they did not even appreciate me doing all the extras to make things happen. Instead they bullied me and made me feel really really small and insecure about myself. And now I am out of the situation, I am happy that I don’t have to face the big bully anymore.¬†They tried to make my life a living hell ¬†for as long as I can remember, they will always be a very small person who deserves everything that’s coming to them because karma’s a bitch.¬†I am stronger than yesterday, nothing is going to stand in my way. I know that I will make it I just need to keep fighting and my hard work will pay off.

Dress –¬†HM¬†// Shoes – Public Desire¬†// Shades – Missguided// Choker – Urban Outfitters

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For those of you who are currently going through a situation where you feel like you’re not going to be free or make it to the other side, trust me when I say, that you will see the light one day just keep going and don’t ever give up or give in.