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Summer Is Here and So Is Love Island

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Summer is officially here and so is Love Island. If you don’t know what Love Island is? …

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As many of you might have experience in your shopping life, shopping for clothes can be very expensive. I probably sound like a cheapskate now but I have never at least i cannot remember spending over £200 in single transaction at any store.  I was having a treat-myself moment when i recently visited topshop. I must say it felt really freaking awesome, handing over the card and not having to think about budgeting or being irresponsible. Now i know why so many people love and swear by retail therapy.

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Just In- Hot Dresses For Valentines Day

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Happy Friday Junior lovelies!! With Valentines Day fast approaching, I thought I’d do a post with some …

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Ooh baby, You're So Fine

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Merry Christmas my lovelies, I trust you had a wonderful Christmas break? I am very sorry I …

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Stylist Live 2017

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Last Weekend, I was lucky enough to bag myself a ticket to the 2017 Stylist Live A …

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A Limecrime Haul

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When it comes to buying makeup, I am still a newbie. I am yet to find my …

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When the Sun Came Out

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This summer was the most life changing time of my life. When the sun came out…
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How to Style| High Waisted Jeans For Autumn

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During the autumnal months, it is not very cold so you can get away with wearing very …

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