Latest In Beauty – No Shine Mattifying Foundation

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Have you ever bought something and you have been so impressed by the result that you’re still thinking it’s too good to be true. Well that’s exactly how I feel about this foundation. I mean literally, still in shock. For some of us with very oily skin, we tend to find it very difficult to find the perfect foundation on the high street – I think i have spent lots of money on expensive branded makeup which has turned out to be shit and not worth the penny. On my recent trip on to the high street, i stumbled upon this makeup. For those of you who like me are a little scaredy cat when it comes to trying on high street makeup because you have had a terrible experience with some of them. Truthfully, i was a little or more than sceptical to try this but being the person that I am, i tested it on my hand and it was an exact match for my Lancome Teint 24hr foundation. So i thought to myself, that i could buy it and use it as my daily foundation seeing as it’s so very very cheap. I bought it home and tried it on the next day and I was bloody impressed. I had no oiliness, the working day and on the next day, I wore it during the day and on my night out and still no shine or oiliness anywhere on my face. I did use my trusted milk of magnesia as a primer, maybe that’s why I didn’t get no shine. I have used that as primer for my other foundation and i would have to keep touching up in the toilet and have my makeup print all over my desk, notepads etc at work but for this foundation, o£far i haven’t noticed any transfer. For a product that’s £7.99 I am very very happy I stumbled upon this or i would be forking out 30 odd pounds on expensive foundation when this inexpensive one is just as good or even better than the very expensive ones. After trying this foundation, I really wanting to try some of the other products in their beauty range, so I shall be doing more reviews of any others I shall venture to try out.

Have you tried any products from NewLook’s beauty collection and did you recommend that product? If you haven’t tried out some of their products, I would highly recommend their foundation. ps – they have foundation for normal skin. So every skin is welcome. I am in shade caramel.

Thanks for stopping by and i hope you like the new look!!



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Floral Frills and Creepers

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One of the trends that has graced the catwalk was the frill trend and I have been meaning to try it out for a while but I wasn’t able to stumble upon an outfit that was within my personal budget. Until i came across this number by missguided – now one of the reasons why missguided is one of my favourite brand is that they always tend to get catwalk trends back on perfect. This dress is ticks all the right boxes (i) its feminine (ii) its breezy (iii) its very flattering. Maybe some of you might be wondering how to incorporate this trend into your normal everyday look, so i decided to keep the outfit a little more casual because I thought, the dress was just too perfect and I didn’t need to over dress it.

Clean As A Whistle

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This is a really exciting post for me. I haven’t done a skincare update post in a while and on my recent trip to my local Boots store, I picked up these three product especially made for oil, spot prone skin and decided to share my first impressions on the blog. 
I have meant to try a charcoal based facial wash and when i saw this Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Charcoal Facial Wash 
which is very inexpensive and for oily skin, I think I grabbed it like my life depended on it. I have been using it for a week now and I must say that it’s all the range. It leave my skin squeaky clean and helps to reduce the oiliness. I use it in the shower to wash my face at least twice a week and then follow-up with my daily facial moisturiser. 
The Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Night Gel I use at night after my nightly shower. I apply a tiny amount to my face to help reduce spot sizes and help to reduce oiliness of my skin. I use every two days because I don’t want my skin to get to use to it and it has worked.
The Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Refreshing Jelly Facial Wash I use with my trusted Magnitone cleansing brush to remove my makeup. This wash is for spot prone,oily skin and it isn’t as  drying as the charcoal wash. So I have been using this wash everyday to remove my makeup and for everyday face washing. It’s very moisturising and leaves the skin feels clean and fresh
Boots Tea Tree is a brand I have used for a couple of years now, it is really good to people with spot prone, oily skin. They have a lot of products, including face masks. It’s Boots in-house brand so you can only get these products in Boots. I am sure there is an equal brand in your local beauty supply store if you don’t have a local Boots store wherever you may live.
I love shopping, so when i find inexpensive brands that works for my I tend to stick with them. 
Do you know of any other inexpensive brands especially for spot prone,oily skin I can try?

Let’s Go To Prom

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It’s that time of the year when students in UK start their GCSE exams and after these exams comes the Prom. Prom season is a time to celebrate the end of secondary school and the beginning of adulthood. Its  a time to have fun, dress up and dance the night away. People literally spend the whole day preparing for their prom. Parents tend to get a little carried away during the prom season.
I almost missed my prom because I was naughty and my mother actually grounded me for being a spoilt brat so I ended up missing the limo ride with my mates and I had to take a cab all by myself to my prom and basically missing the all thing except for the final dance at the end of the evening, luckily enough I still managed to get my photo taken with my outfit alone but not the group pics with my mates.
For my prom dress, my mummy and I went from shop to shop, trying to find the perfect prom dress, I love shopping but that day I wanted to just find the dress I liked and then go home because I got so bored of moving from shop to shop, trying dress from dress. I literally spent the whole damn day shopping.
Being the fashion fairy that I’d like to be, I have selected a few dresses from some stores, which are very expensive but totally stunning. I hope these choices will help you find that perfect prom dress. Let me know if you’d like some selection of accessories + shoes.
Have a fabulous prom you lovely lot and don’t be like me and misbehave on your prom day and end up missing the whole prom.

I Can’t Believe It’s Already May

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90’s Called And They Want Their Baby Back

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90’s is one of my most influential fashion eras. I love how bold people were, the celebs were experimenting with their style more and it was the era that created so many fashion icons of today. The films and TV series broke fashion rules and made fashion statements (sex and the city, Friends, 90210) I don’t remember the 90’s because i was a only a wee bub then so, I only know these things from reading fashion magazines and watching doing my fashion history. Also did you know that it was in 90’s with RuPaul’s provocative “I am the MAC girl” Viva Glam campaign which marked the beginning of M.A.C’s Viva Glam’s that carries on today and made RuPaul the first drag supermodel.
Now you see why I love the 90’s, everything seemed to be better in the 90’s and everyone was experimenting, it was the age of rule breakers.
Which is your fashion decade?
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