How To Style| The Oversized Hoodie

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I’ve noticed that the more i get into this blogging this the more fun and playful my style gets.  I’m at a point in my life where I am trying to find my style identity that can accommodate my personal budget. My grandma always tells me ‘cut your coat according to you size’ meaning only buy things you can afford and don’t go overboard and starve looking pretty. One of my goal this year is to try to push myself  out my style comfort zone, trying to experiment more with my style and being able to wear clothes I would otherwise not feel is my personal style or would fit my body shape because fashion is an expression of one’s emotions.  If i wanted to wear a tutu skirt like Carrie from Sex and The City, I would totally wear it.  For today though, I am trying my hand and styling this oversized hoodie with this gorgeous rose embroidered heels with this mirrored glasses.
Hoodie – Missguided
Heels – Public Desire
Glasses – Missguided
This look has been inspired by last season’s sport luxe trend which I actually wanted to do but I couldn’t find the time in my very busy schedule to do so that’s that. I thought, the heels will add a bit of  feminine to this street edgy look. Because I am not the edgiest chic, the heels just added the perfect amount of sexy to this outfit. 
Please let me know if you would like to seem more of these how to posts? Do you like me sometimes try not to stick with fashion trends?
Thanks for stopping by
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Which Pretty Little Liar Are You?

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With the return of the latest season and it being the penultimate season, I thought I’d do a post dedicated to one of my all time favour teen dram apart from the vampire diaries etc. The gang are back and AD is spying on their every move, and the girls as per usual are trying to outsmart AD. Spencer being the smarty pants of the group takes the lead and the rest of the group tend to all fall in line apart from my TV counter twinnie, the unpredictable, sassy, funny and fashionable Hanna. I mean this girl may not be some people’s fav cause she’s not the smartest or the most together person of the group for me she is relate-able, and is constantly reminds me of myself, maybe not the rich spoilt princess from Rosewood kinda similarity, just her behaviour, she is strong, a fighter and she like all the other girls has had to deal with some of life’s tricks (or lessons if that’s what you call em) she is my one of my to bad-asses, she’s not afraid to stand up and speak out even when it may not be the perfect timing. She’s a dreamer and has even bagged herself Caleb ( a reformed bad boy ??) she’s loyal and is a true friend. Hanna and her mum have been through so much together which is kinda (similar to the relationship between my mum and I – since my mum and dad spilt up when I was younger my mummy and I have grown up together until my mum met my stepdad and now I have a little seven year old brother who’s the cutest kid you’ll ever meet ☺️). I really love the Hanna Marin character and if I lived in fictional Rosewood maybe we could have been sisters ???.  I really cannot wait to see what this Season brings.
I am very, very, sad ? that it’s ending for now; you never know maybe just like Prison Break the TV show, ??it might be brought back.
Enough about my love for Hanna, who’s your favourite Rosewood babe or dude and why?? ☺️

 Jumpsuit (similar)/ Heels/ Sunglasses

The Realness

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One of the lessons I have learnt as a blogger (a term i loosely use to describer myself because I not that much of an influencer) or in this world of internet personalities is that when it comes to support from other black girls it is mostly non-existent. Don’t get me wrong, I have met so many lovely people at bloggers events and have connected with some people online. Some black especially some of the ones who have become big online personalities, are so full of themselves and they would rather watch you struggle to do something than actually lend a hand and help you complete said task with their help sooner. As a small minority we should all help each other out rather than fold our hands and watch others struggle. I get that they had to struggle to get where they’re at but why would you watch someone struggle to do something when you can help make someone’s life a little bit easier. I watch some of our UK influencers who actually stick together and help bring each other up by either doing a video together or doing a post together or taking each other to events – these are the things I don’t tend to see black bloggers doing. I mean come on we are a small minority in this world of online personalities, we should help each other – I am not saying that we should gang up together and create our own clicks; I am asking that we help one another succeed in this life so that we can help broke some of the moulds and stigma that we face on a day to day basis.

T-Shirt/ Heels (similar)/ Jacket/ Skirt (old) 

Roses Are Red, Denims Are Blue, I am Beautifully and Wonderfully Made, So Are You

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For as long as I can remember, I have always shy away from being the centre of attention. I know you’re probably thinking, how can not love being the centre of attention if you are a wanna be blogger?? Because I struggle like most of you with self-confidence, like most days you will probably find me hiding behind tall people on the train trying to avoid eye contact with everyone It sounds very sad but it probably isn’t that bad. Even when i am walking down the road and someone is checking me out, I seriously turn around and see if someone’s behind me. And its beginning to over take my life, I walk without any confidence in my walk and having big noticeable boobs like me makes it even worse – I have on countless occasions wandered what life will look like as smaller boobed person because (i) I seriously struggle to find tops that fit me well without riding up to my chest (I have to actively put my tops down mostly all the time because they look very funny when they ride up to the chest) And (ii) I feel that social media actually does not seem to promote positive body image especially with the fashion world obsessed with what they regard as perfection I sometimes looks at myself and feel like I am not perfect; which is why I keep wanting to change things about myself. Guess what NO ONE IS PERFECT – there is always one thing that everyone would love to change about themselves which is why the body argumentation industry is ever growing and you have people who are addicted to plastic surgery.

I am currently working on getting these negative thoughts out my head because one thing I have learnt in my life is that I am not like everyone else, I do things when it’s my time to do that thing. And I have seen and met such amazing beautiful people inside and out that social media would not consider to be perfection +who wants to be like everyone else anyways. If everyone was the same life will be dull and boring.
If you like me struggle with accepting what you look like, just know that I am sure all the people you idolise struggle with this too – so try to stop stressing, you are beautifully and wonderfully made.
Have a fab day and please leave your comments below of your own personal struggles or your thoughts on this post. And i hope you like my little rant.
BTW – how cheesy is this post title 🙂
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The Candid Orange

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Hello again. I hope you’re having a good day wherever you may find yourself. You’re probably wondering why I’ve today’s post title is the candid orange well if you’re following my on Instagram you might have already seen these heels on one of my post. Because of how bright and beautiful it is I couldn’t really think of an outfit to pair it with without drowning it and with a colour this beautiful, it instantly captures the eye. And seeing as spring/summer is already here this is the perfect season to rock these bright gorgeous heels. Warmer weather just makes me want to experiment more with bright colours.

What bright colours are you looking forward to experimenting with this summer? And what do you think of my pop of colour?

Express Yourself

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 Now that summer is almost upon us, I am so looking forward to buying more glasses to add to my ever-growing sunnies collection. Sunglasses I feel can never go out of style, you can wear the two years ago style with today’s outfit + glasses can be worn with everything and everywhere and even those that costs not too much these days are even more stylish than the expensive ones (not expensive shaming here just saying what i have seen with my own two eyes).
Sunglasses is one of my favourite accessory to add to any outfit. A great sunglasses as well as certain fashioncessories can add some badassness to any outfit. Your mood can also dramatically affect the way you dress; I tend to be more bad-ass when I am having a great day and walking on cloud nine.

What are some of your favourite fashionccessory (fashionaccessories)?

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