Let’s Talk About the Makeup Look for the Night

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Now that you may already have decided and or bought your outfit for the night. The next thing to think about is what makeup you’ll be wearing on the day to make sure you don’t overdo the look of the night. Here’s a tutorial for those of you who have opted for a more simple outfit, this makeup look might be something you will be willing to try. Now as you know I am not a professional makeup person, nor am I a master at this sort of thing:-) I hope you like my take on the classic Autumn Winter red lip with some sparkles.


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Affordable Outfits for the 2016 Party Season

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It’s now almost Christmas and not long after that, it’ll be the New Year. I have browsed the internet trying to pick the perfect dress to wear this New Year; that’s if I actually manage to get to party on time or decide on what to wear. On the other hand, some of you may want to buy something at the last-minute to wear on Christmas Day with the family. Here’s a selection of some fancy end of the year crashing outfits and I hope you like them!!

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

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I haven’t really done any Christmas posts this year. Maybe it’s because I have been too busy with work to even think of being jolly. I know I should take a break but I am very anal when it comes to making sure I get the best grades in order for me to continue on my journey to completing this degree. I know I should take a break and get into the festivities, I haven’t even drunk that much mulled wine this year and I absolutely love mulled wine. I’ve decided to live a little and join my little six-year-old brother and really start getting into the merriment of Christmas. So I’ve decided to help those of us who haven’t really managed to get everyone’s gift yet. I was browsing the internet as usual and came across these palettes, I wouldn’t mind someone gifting me. I hope you like my choices and I hope it helps you to get the perfect gift to brighten someone’s day.

“I Love Monday’s”… Said A Funmas Kidd

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Now that Christmas is almost upon us… I am literally counting down the time until the day I get to be a big kid again. I love dream, eat and sleep fashion if I wasn’t being squashed under my books. I like love looking at new things and what better way to dream about newness than doing a little wishlist of most of the stuff i couldn’t afford to buy on my wage lol. Someone once told me that looking at expensive stuff sometimes inspires you so here I am… your bad funmas little helper with some expensive eye candy and I hope you feel inspired to shop some more and make use of all the epic sale everywhere!!!

Lots of love