A Sunny Afternoon

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I know what you’re probably thinking… crazy girl. Well, it’s the English weather it does this to us sometimes, one minute it’s raining and the next minute it’s boiling. This post got me thinking about going on holiday. Looking at how sunny and exotic London looks in these pictures if I hadn’t told you maybe you may not have even known it was London Town. This city is so beautiful and I honestly find the most interesting fun parts when I find myself lost somewhere. I know it’s probably tough for you to grasp coming, but I wouldn’t class myself as a real Londoner because I don’t explore the city that much but when I do I am ever so proud to be a Londoner.With so many things to do and see trust me when I say you don’t necessarily have to go on holiday to a foreign country to have the holiday experience.

What do you love about the city you’re from?

La Petite Fille

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Okay, so summer may not officially be over until the end of September, but in my head as soon as the end of August hits and the weather not being that hot and sunny anymore; I’ve found myself grabbing the odd jumper and scarf. Today I thought I’d share with you some of the things I am looking forward to doing this next season. 
With Autumn a stone throw away, I can’t be more excited, I am already looking forward the cosy nights in, warm hot chocolate (with caramel syrup and marshmallows). I have currently started on my wish list which I will be sure to share with you soon. I am finally attending LFW yayyyy; I am hoping to do a little write to put on the here or I might do a mini vlog to put on my YouTube channel. I put together this look to get you into the Autumn mood 🙂
Are you excited for Autumn?

Believe and Make It Happen

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When you’re a short small person like me, you find it difficult to pull off certain looks. Especially wide leg long trousers like this one from F21. Being me, I always never ever give up on something I really want and eventually I will achieve or get that thing with hard work. Soz I am going off point here! I have had these trousers for quite some time now and it wasn’t until recently that I, your average shorty decided to actually wear it out. And it’s only because of my new motto in life “live life with no regrets” and “Do whatever makes you happy and the rest will fall in line” because of certain unwritten fashion rules people like myself who were too self-conscious haven’t really experimented with their style because of what and how people will react. Now I have grown some balls and decided to wear anything and everything I want because I am my own individual and people will always and forever judge things they themselves do not understand and do not have the guts to do.  So today my internet friend I wanted to share with you this look to give you the push to try and break some fashion rules; after all fashion is an expression of one’s personality. 
What fashion rules would you like to break?
Thanks for stopping by and ps don’t forget to do you and don’t let anyone try and put you in  a box.

Positive Vibes Only

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Hello and welcome! I hope you’re having a good day. I always asked this because I know some of you reading this may not be having the best day so I ask even though I don’t know who you are; I would like us to be Internet Friends.
Today’s post may seem a little different because I am trying to change this up and continue to show you that I am not a one-dimensional girl, I like almost everything and find joy in anything because life is short after all and one should always try to find joy in the littlest things.


Being a petite girl with ginormous boobs people always comment on how short I am and how being a girl of a certain height and shape what you can and cannot do or wear. For example; I have been told by a certain person that because I am a small person, I cannot wear maxi-dress because I cannot pull it off. This really got to me and I literally wanted to slap this person but I kept my cool and said to myself, who gave you the right to tell me what to do. Come on, I am my own individual and I can and will do what I want to do as long as I feel comfortable and confident. One of my teachers at school told me not to study the subject I wanted to study at university because they said it was too hard and I will find it difficult.  I am here to tell you this, my dear readers people say these things because they are spineless scaredy-cats who don’t/didn’t have the guts to do these things so when they see an ambitious young girl/boy who wants to strive to succeed they will rather instill fear and try to talk you down so you won’t grow to be better. People say mean things all the time because they want to spread hate and want you to  feel unworthy or insecure. In a society where being perfect,(seeming perfect) is such a big deal these words spoken can sometimes find their way into our heads and we tend to dwell on them rather than try to ignore them and work to gain your ambition or dream.

Please let me know if this is something you’ve experienced and how did you move passed it?
Thanks for stopping by and don’t let the haters win

The Playsuit

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Playsuit – H&M
Platform – Public Desire
Choker – Lamoda
Lips – Limecrime
Summer is the time that i get to be more playful with my style and what better way to experiment than with playsuit.  I fell for the suit the first time I saw it; it ticks all the right points of a summer must have; playfully colorful, short but not too short, airy and can be dressed up or dressed down. I really like inexpensive outfits like this that doesn’t look too cheap. HM is one of the shops who are sometimes very good at surprising me with their clothes in general. Shoes maybe not so much.
What do you think is the perfect summer staple on a budget?
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’re having a good day.

Just keep swimming

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“When life give you lemons, make lemonade” is a saying that mostly everyone has heard or been told that. What does this mean you ask!?!? ….it’s an encouragement to help you look on the bright side of things when something terrible has happened. And I am sure we have all had those times when we feel that things will never get any better. I myself have had those days when I feel like the world is too heavy to carry and I cannot take any more bad news. Being brought up in christian home and having very religious family they often tell me that God has a plan and he is testing me which is why I am going through such terrible times, I tend to think what twisted God would do such a thing. I am sorry people I am not trying to convert anyone to Christianity nor I am trying to pass on my religious background to anyone. I am trying to and hopefully not failing to spread some positivity and realism because obviously you know that terrible things don’t last for long and you will eventually find your way out of what ever struggle or hardship you have found yourself in. I was inspired by a recent chat on Twitter and I thought I should share something on here to those of you who might need a little pick up.The battle must be won and don’t let people or situations stop you from being who you are or stop you from achieving your dreams and desires. There is always a way and it might be hard just keep trying as Dory would say ….

Staying positive in life is great because things always tend to work out for the better even if you may not see that in your current predicament.

Red Midi

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Dress – Missguided
Platforms – Public Desire
Watch – Kapten & Son
Choker – Lamoda
Lips – So Susan
Pics – Anna Sandul

Hello and welcome. I hope you are having a good day. For today’s post, I just wanted to share with you some thoughts on this lovely little red number I recently bought from Missguided. I know I am not doing it justice in these pics; I am just an average girl next door people who loves fashion and wants to share her thoughts with y’all. Lovely Anna did try to capture my best side though. This is actually a very pretty dress; I absolutely love it and even though I am slouchy in these pics *skinny girl with big chest problems* I had to try and model it for you to see. It’s a very wearable, sexy, comfortable,, inexpensive dress. If you’re in want of a dress that will tick all the right notes, this is the dress for you. Please scroll down for some more beautiful shots of the dress.

What are your thoughts on this red number?
Thanks for stopping by