Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Lipstick

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If you’ve been reading my blog you will know that I am a massive Makeup Revolution fan. The lovely people at Makeup Revolution has a gorgeous lipstick range called Iconic Pro Lipsticks.  
These gorge lipsticks have had a lot of buzz when they were released and I wanted see how they would compare to other expensive lipsticks.
I purchased Propoganda and Game of Mystery in matte finish. 
The Iconic Pro Lipsticks, comes in about 20 shades ranging from nudes to vampy red shades, in a range of finishes such as matte and lustre finish; each lipstick in a black bullet lipstick casing. 
Similar to their £1 lipstick range, it comes with a clear bottom to help identify the different shades.
The lipstick is very pretty to look at. For a £2.49 lipstick, the case looks a lot more expensive than what the actual lipstick costs…don’t you think.
The formula of the lipstick itself is very soft, creamy and very moisturising on the lips. For me i felt both shades are both pigmented. Because sometimes nude shades are a lot less pigmented with some formulas. Maybe its because these two are both matte shades.
The nude shade was a little was little light for me but it did look a lot more nicer online than it did on my lips. The picture above is what the lipsticks look like under flash.
This is what the lipsticks looks like in natural light.
Have you tried the Iconic Pro Lipstick yet?
Please leave your thoughts and comments below.

Makeup Revolution: Vivid Baked Blush

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Makeup Revolution has one of the most affordable makeup lines on the market and one of the most reviewed on the blogosphere.  The creators at Makeup Revolution also have a line for professional makeup line called Freedom Makeup London.Today, I am here to review the Baked Blush. So what’s different about the baked blusher, i hear you ask- well they are prepared in a different way compared to normal blushers; while normal ones are mixed and pressed into a compact powder form, this blusher on the other hand are literally baked after mixing more concentrated colour pigment powder. The baking method is supposed to give off more bolder colour and longer staying power after application. Scroll down to see if these baked goodies lives up to the hype.
This blusher is available in six shades, all with very memorable names, which might be a mouthful for some to remember but all the same very interesting names. Today, I am reviewing, Bang Bang Your Dead, Hard Dry, Make Love Instead, All I Think About Is You, One For Playing Games and Loved Me The Best.
The blush, comes in their standard black pan doom sized shape  with a clear lid casing. But unlike regular blusher these are a little smaller with a studier lid that snaps shut. 

Makeup Revolution have caused a lot hype in the beauty world,  promising inexpensive makeup with great quality. I have not been disappointed with any of their products so far and as you can see from the pic above, this blush is very pigmented and it catches light very easily. 
I have used a fair bit of budget makeup since i first started wearing makeup and I am very impressed with this product, it looks well put together and looks a lot more expensive. The colours look great!!
Hard Day // One For Playing Games
Love Me The Best // Make Love Instead
Bang Bang You’re Dead // All I Think About Is You
Have you tried the baked blusher from Makeup Revolution?

Winter Warmers

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October is here and for us on this side of the pond, it means “winter is coming”. And as much as I love the hot summer months, I love winter because it’s months of sitting by warm fire (if you have one) cosying up next to love ones, basically trying to keep warm and it also means halloween and Christmas!! 
Because  it’s not really that cold now, I have created a list of transitional pieces; which i hope you will love. Please scroll down to see my choices.

Which outfit did you like? And who’s super excited for winter… I know I am!
 Wishing for a white christmas y’all -fingers and toes crossed.
Please let me know what you think- leave all your comments and thoughts below,
Lots of love

Skinny Teatox

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I have been testing the Skinny Teatox over the past 14 days and I wanted to share you the results.
So what is Teatox? If you don’t already know; teatox is a detoxifying tea program. 
What does Skinny Teatox contain? It contains: tea leaves, senna leaf, ginseng, chrysanthemum, cinnamon bark, cloves, rhubarb and ginger.
Click here for the full ingredients list  
The package nicely wrapped came with a cute strawberry shaped tea infuser- brewing was very straightforward. There is also an instruction that comes with the pack and its also written on the back of both teas. You are also advised to follow a healthy and clean diet during the teatox to maximise the results; so cutting out caffeine, refined sugar , salts, dairy and any fatty animal products but consuming lots of grains, vegetables, fruits, water and tofu  (see the full lists of products here)
For me personally, I found it very easy to cut my caffeine, sugar and salts etc because I have adopted a much healthier food habit since completing my previous teatox. Although the alcohol was a little hard as I am a social drinker, so i would drink when i was amongst friends or out celebrating, but i managed to pull through.
After a week of starting my program, i noticed i was less blotted and a lot more energetic and felt a lot more better. However, for the first three days, just like my other teatox, I had to lot more frequent visits to the bog.
By the end of the two weeks, i didn’t notice any difference in my waistline. But my intention was to cleanse my system rather than losing a lot weight- so i was very happy with the results.
Like i mentioned before, in order for you to see some results you must follow a clean and healthy diet (now am not suggesting you starve yourself).
Notes to remember: I found that the morning teas smells a little fishy- maybe it contains some fish oils (it may just be my nose playing tricks on me)  ….I quickly got used to it after a few days of consumption and I found it time consuming (esp. when i’m in a rush) having to put the loose morning tea in the little strawberry tea infuser; i guess i just like the easy life 🙂
I would definitely recommend this teatox even if you’re looking  for a little light and more energetic, or looking for a healthy pick me up to brew on a day to day basis along with a clean and healthy diet.
*this product was sent to me for an honest review*
Have you tried the skinny teatox yet? What did you like about it? If not will you try it?

September Glossybox: The Style Edition

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I know am a month behind but i though better late than never. This month’s box was by far one of the pretties Glossyboxes ever; I absolutely love the illustrated cover and will definitely be a keeper for sure. This month’s box named ‘The style edition‘ is inspired by  key beauty looks behind catwalks which definitely goes hand in hand with the take over of London Fashion Week.
 The September 2015 Glossybox is the style edition, with the contents inspired by key beauty looks 
This box was packed with so many goodies, I couldn’t wait to get stuck in, with a selection of  hair, bits and beauty bobs ….no skincare this month though.
First of all… can we appreciate this mask please… its amazing. It smells amazing, very rich, very hydrating, conditions the hair and leaves the hair feeling soft and full of life. 
I am always on the lookout for a good mask to help me tame my hair especially in the cold winter months and this mask is definitely it. I will definitely, buy this product again, worth every penny.
I am always on the lookout to try and buy new hair tool.And these gorgeous grey one will be added to the stack. 
Pretty in pink! All the boxes were getting one of two shades either Uptown or Battersea Park. I was very fortunate to receive this colour; I totally love Nails Inc stuff and I am always excited and thrilled to receive a polish of theirs.
My obsession with collecting makeup brushes was fulfilled with this lovely, soft Marsk Eyeshadow Brush Pro will also be getting used very soon and is a very welcomed addition.
Last but not least i received a lovely slate shade of Bellapierre Shimmer Powder, called Whesek. I am not a massive fan of shimmer powder because i struggle to keep it from going everywhere.
A lovely quote from inside this month’s box
And there was also a voucher for Best Secret fashion site which entitles you to £15 off a £45 spend, which can be a good value.  Find out more about the Glossybox subscription options available click >>> here.
The only issue with this box seems to be the late shipping – I would recommend just keeping that in mind and setting your expectations accordingly if you sign up for this box.
What do you think of the September 2015 box?
Thanks for stopping by, 

Squad Ghouls

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Already prepping for halloween this year? Make heads roll with these Missguided treats.
Need some outfit inspo? Here are a few haute ideas to transform you into one scarily hot babe.
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Use Code: BOOYAH
Which outfit is your favourite halloween treat?

October Treat

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I’m excited to share with you a coupon code this October from Foreo (site): the company that brought you the Luna, Luna Mini etc. 

Get 10% off all LUNA & ISSA products + Free Shipping through until the end of October. This includes the LUNA, LUNA mini, LUNA for MEN, ISSA and ISSA minis. Scroll down for the offer details:
Offer: 10% off all LUNA and ISSA products + Free Shipping
Valid: 10/15/15 – 10/31/15
Coupon code: OCTOBER10
Make it your october obsession to get your skin ready for the cold winter months:-)

Say Hello to Beara Beara’s Winter Collection

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BearaBeara- a London based high quality handbag specialist (sitehas just released their new Winter collection and to help you get into the Christmas Spirit early they are offering for a limited time only 15% off . Scroll down to checkout some of the new arm candy.
Coupon Code: winterspecial
Don’t forget this code will run until the end of this month.
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A Little Lipstick Never Hurts

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With liquid lipsticks now becoming a makeup bag must have, i jumped on the chance when presented with the opportunity to test one “LA Girl Matte Pigment Gloss”. For those of us who are hooked on Youtube beauty/makeup hauls, this is by far one the favourites for beautyhaulers. I have tried LA Girl products before and I was very happy with the results, so I didn’t blink to try this product.

This lipstick is very easy to apply, looks and feels like a gel but tries to a matte finish. One of the cons’ it’s very transferable, when you kiss someone but i didn’t experience any problems when i drank from a straw.

For those of us in the UK it’s really very hard to get our hands on very popular US products, but thanks to Cocktail Cosmetics I was able to buy and try this matte pigment gloss without the hassle of waiting days for it or weeks for it.

Have you tried any of the well sort after liquid lipsticks? Are they worth the hype? Have you got any recommendations? Please leave your comments below.
Thanks for reading, commenting and subscribing.

September Favz

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Hello and welcome you beautiful stranger. As another month comes to an end, it’s that time of the month… monthly favourite. I know i failed to do one last month, which i’m really gutted about but onwards and upwards from here on *brownie promise*. As you might probably know by now, I a very much skincare obsessed gal, so  for this month i have been rediscovering old beauty favs.
Here’s a whittle down of this month’s favs.
 Let begin with a round up of some of my mostly used products for September. 
This daily facial cleanser helps to gently buff away dead skin and leaves my skin looking brighter, fresh and radiant. I have been pairing this up with my Foreo Luna Mini. This dream team combination has really helped my skin and even with the cold weather my skin looks and feels more radiant and beautiful; i have been brave enough to go outside for shopping and seeing and meeting friends with no makeup.
This is a sample i received from my August mylittleboxuk; I have loved using it on both my natural hair and my weave. I have been using this since i opened it… it smells divine, helps to tame my frizzyfro and my sometimes untamely weave.
I did a mini review back in July and i must say that i’m still really impressed with this tool.I cannot stop singing praises for it. All i can say is get your hands on one, it’s a beauty tool worth having…. It easy to use, easy to clean and store, lightweight, inexpensive, durable and can be used in conjunction with other cleansers… click here to read my review…… Foreo have a new day/night cleansers that can be used with this tool…click here to check it out.
This was also a sample product i received from my July GlossyBox subscription box. I don’t have cellulite… i have stretch marks that only i can see lol cause no one else tends to notice these thing. So i have been using this on stretchy even though they are not made for use on it. I have been loving this, i can’t see major improvement yet but the cream smells great, its non greasy and my bum looks smoother…but maybe it’s all in my head.
This is yet another rediscovered favourite .. click here to read all. I have been loving this as part of my Autumn skincare regime. I love, love this product. It’s amazing. Its lightweight, easily absorbed, helps my skin feels and looks more alive. I have been using it with the Progenius Omega Treatment Oil, the perfect team.
What products have you been loving this month?